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August 21st Drawing Giveaway

We’re running a little late posting the results of the August 21st drawing. Going out for dinner held up the editing of the video, but it’s all good … Bo Baucum was the lucky winner and he will be receiving the leather hiking stick wrap that will be engraved per his request. Bo, please private message me on Facebook through Thanks for the Hide and I’ll work out the details for the leather wrap with you.

I screwed up on the video when I mentioned the date of the next drawing, it’s NOT the middle of September, the next drawing is August 28th and I’m giving away camo koozies that will be imprinted with WHATEVER YOU WANT on them. It doesn’t have to be geocache-related, so if you’re a hunter, into the outdoors, want to give them as a gift – makes no difference to me, just make sure you’re on that Facebook list of likes. I’m hoping to reach my goal of 100 likes by the end of August. Would any of you please pass along the Facebook page to your caching friends so they can be on board with this as well?

So, it’s going to be a great weekend … get out there and reach a personal best – log as many caches as you can. Old man winter will be here soon enough, and it’s not fun digging out a LPC or a GRC from a snow bank!

August 14th Drawing Giveaway

The August 14th drawing has taken place and our winner is Wayne Fowler. Congratulations Wayne! Once I hear from you, I can engrave whatever you would like on the bison tubes, as long as it’s not too long of information.

Next week, we’re giving away a nice item – watch the video for more info! And please let your geocaching friends know to “Like” our Facebook page and they will be eligible to win great items too!

First Giveaway Drawing

Our first drawing took place this evening at around 7pm. This drawing is for the Found It!® tags that we manufacture. Looking forward to these giveaways in the upcoming weeks. If you have geocaching friends and family, let them know about liking our Facebook page and they will be entered as well.

I apologize for the poor sound quality, this first video was somewhat rushed and I used my phone rather than an actual camera, so next time, it’s be much better. I’ll be uploading new products on our Etsy website this weekend – some products are not offered by anyone else, so please stop by.

Human Trackable and Social Media

bigbugI’ve been working on my oversized trackable tag that I’m taking to the Midwest Geobash this Saturday. It’s made of a special plastic that looks like brushed aluminum and measures 23″ x 11.5″. I’ll be walking around like a human trackable. I’ve been looking forward to this event all year.

Facebook, Etsy, Instagram and YouTube
I also just launched my Thanks For The Hide Facebook page for people who are into geocaching. If you’re reading this … that means YOU! With this Facebook page, I will be keeping track of everyone who “Likes” the page and entering their name into monthly drawings for FREE products that I am selling on my Thanks For The Hide Etsy site. For the month of August 2015, I will draw one name per week to receive a free product. Starting in September, I’ll have monthly drawings for a free product. If you haven’t Liked the Facebook page yet, be sure to do it soon to be entered in the drawings. There is NO purchase necessary! If you have Instagram, please follow me at Thanks for the Hide and I will gladly follow you back. Instagram allows everyone the opportunity to share a moment of life with people having common interests. I really enjoy seeing photos from geocachers from all over the world, and right here in the US. If you don’t have an account, I would encourage you to open one. I’ve learned how to create specialty caches that I might not ever have found in my area. Go see what your caching friends are up to…

Whenever I get ambitious, I will shoot video while we’re out caching and then try to edit something worth watching. Here at the T4TH YouTube page, you can see some of the videos I have made. At some point, I really need to put together a blooper reel for all the screw-ups that have occurred while shooting the videos.

Where Geocaching takes us…

I shot this video a couple weeks ago, merely to reinforce my statement that, for us, it’s all about the experience of geocaching, and not so much about the numbers. This isn’t to say that geocachers who enjoy racking up their number of finds is wrong – not at all. The idea of heading out for the main purpose of increasing my count isn’t out of the question – and while I have tried doing just that, inevitably, our purpose is diverted by an interesting town to explore, reading the text from old headstones at a cemetery find, or just taking in the sights of the surrounding area. Maybe it just comes down to the fact that we’re easily distracted.

The bottom line is, geocaching means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I welcome the chance to talk to other cachers, which is the main purpose of this blog. As always, I encourage your comments and enjoy hearing from others around the world about their experience with geocaching and what it means to them.

It was still pretty gray when this video was made two weeks ago, but with a few rains since and the temperature getting warmer, the trees have been budding and it’s starting to green up already here in Ohio. I’m looking forward to a great caching season – I look forward to your comments.