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Midwest Geobash … it’s finally here!

We are VERY excited to be attending the (GC5D6DK) Midwest Geobash (MWGB) held at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio this coming weekend. We look forward to meeting other geocachers.
I recently purchased a new sling bag from Amazon for geocaching and I’m really happy with it. Previously, I was using a backpack type bag with two straps, but it just wasn’t holding up very well. It had very few compartments and pretty much jumbled all the contents around.

This is the bag I bought from Amazon. I decided to go with the tan bag rather than black or the digital camo. I’ll be adding a couple external pouches in the future using the molle strapping. Below is a photo of what I take geocaching, and even though this might seem like a lot of stuff, the main compartment of the bag is empty.

My brother and I will be attending the MWGB on Saturday and we’re hoping to hit a few caches along the way and at the event.

Here is the listing of what’s in my caching bag … is it similar to yours?

1) various sized plastic bags and also trash bags for CITO 2) pens, silver sharpie, golf pencils 3) rubberbands 4) emergency blanket 5) various sized caches ready to hide 6) screws, eye hooks, etc 7) headlamp and flashlights 8) multi-tool 9) zip ties 10) extra cache logbooks 11) screwdrivers, pliers, ratchet, vicegrips 12) Instagram tags, signature tags 13) bead necklaces (swag) 14) poison ivy cleaner 15) signature tags of wood, plastic and aluminum 16) knife, scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, electrical tape, and carabiners

slingbag contents


What’s Going On!?!

We are really gearing up for some cool changes here on this blog and I think there will be many people who will appreciate what will be offered. I don’t want to spill the beans just yet, there’s still some work to complete, but before the Midwest Geobash (MWGB) takes place in July, everything will be in place.

Speaking of the MWGB, we will be offering a really nice collection of items for their silent auction including a caching t-shirt, water bottle, custom signature tags, ceramic mug, bison tubes, engraved glass beer mug, and a few more items. We hope those who want our selection of items will bid high at the auction to help offset the cost of putting on the event. We here at T4TH.NET are happy to donate these items and I hope you like them too. Stay tuned for more details and photos.

Hey, if you haven’t already added us (THANKSFORTHEHIDE) to your Instagram feed – please follow us as we ramp up with announcements, photos, online raffles and more caching stories! As always … we welcome guest authors, so if you have a story to share or announcement, feel free to contact us at

T4TH Offering Products for MWGB Silent Auction

We are VERY excited to be attending the Midwest Geobash (MWGB) held at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio this coming weekend. We look forward to socializing with other geocachers and handing out FREE items to others (while supplies last).

MWGBThanks for the Hide ( is donating a geocache grab-bag with lots of cool items for the silent auction. Please bid on our auction or other items up for auction and bid high! The MWGB relies on the generous support of sponsors, sales of event merchandise, and the silent auction to cover the cost of this great event. When you attend the MWGB, you’ll wonder how they can provide such great activities, lots of fantastic free giveaways, inexpensive camping availability and no entry fees. It’s all made possible through your support!

Look for the T4TH item at the silent auction and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of some great items that you can use on your next cache outing. Items include a new T4TH.NET T-shirt (size XL), 1 engraved Mini-Maglite flashlight, 1 coupon for 20 custom engraved signature tags, 6 bison tubes, 1 plastic geo-tube, 1 custom engraved MWGB aluminum water bottle, and 1 engraved leather key fob.

Hope to see you there!

Geocaching and Munzee Products

I’ve come to a point where I can no longer fight with using WordPress (this website format) to make a combination blog and product source for geocaching / munzee products that I create.

Therefore, the items that I create will be moved to my business website where I can offer a more professional customer experience for those of you who continue to place orders. This blog is meant to be just that … a source of information and sharing of experiences relating to geocaching and munzee, not an e-commerce website. The format of WordPress does not allow for a smooth customer shopping experience.

Products have been removed from this website and a link will be provided shortly to the consumer site that will showcase geocaching and munzee related items.

I hope this transition will be quick and you will enjoy what I have to offer.

In the meantime, I (again) offer this website up for a visiting author to relate their geocaching stories and experiences to generate ideas and communication with all who read this blog.

What’s in your bag?

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”. While I was never a Boy Scout, I try to be prepared, as best I can anyway. When you’re out geocaching, there are certain items you always want to keep on hand. Things like a first aid kit, trash bags for CITO, pens and/or pencils. Those items are pretty much a necessity, just to get by. But depending on the individual, one persons backpack can be totally different from someone else.

I stumbled upon a grouping of photos of various geocachers’ bag contents and I was intrigued at the similarities and differences. I thought about my own backpack and what I take to the field. I’m typically the person who throws everything in but the kitchen sink, but lately, I’ve pared back on what I consider to be the essentials. Depending on the time of year and the weather, I try to travel light. I carry around enough of my own weight – I don’t need to add to that burden.

The photo identifies the various items held within my backpack. Items not shown are garbage bags, walking stick, and extra logs for cache maintenance.

1. travel bugs, 2. electrical tape, 3. ziploc sandwich-size bags, 4. back-up GPS, 5. flower seed packets for trade items, 6. wipes and poison ivy lotion, 7. canister of drywall screws and screwdriver, 8. 2″ x 3″ ziploc bags, 9. signature tags and cards, 10. flashlight, 11. caches ready to go, 12. writing tools, 13. mini-kites for trade items, 14. disposable rain poncho, 15. first aid kit, 16. match container caches w/log, 17. magnetic key holder cache w/log, 18. tweezers, 19. bison tubes w/log, 20. point-n-shoot camera, 21. various cache trade items.

What items do you think I’ve overlooked or can do without? How does your backpack compare to mine?