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Geocaching Product FREE Giveaway

FoundItGiveawayThe first drawing from the Thanks For The Hide Facebook page will be held this Friday evening at 7:00pm EST. I plan on making the drawing somewhat live as I will be shooting video of the actual drawing and uploading it to social media and here on this blog as well. Since social media has become such an important part of our lives, I thought it would be appropriate to share it that way. This week, the drawing will be for one set of the Found It® Smiley Tags.

The process I have decided to take to make the drawing fair for everyone is as follows … everyone who “likes” the Facebook page will have their name engraved on a plastic coin and will be placed in a bag. One coin will be randomly pulled from the bag. This process will be videotaped and shown as described above. My friends and family who “like” the page are not included in the drawing.

The month of August, I will have a drawing each Friday. In September, there will be two drawings (11th and 25th); in October, on the 16th and November on the 13th. Since December is the time of giving, one drawing will occur each Friday, 4th, 11th, 18th, and yes, Friday, the 25th (Merry Christmas!) The Christmas drawing will be more than one item and will make someone VERY happy!

As you may have noticed, there are only a few products on the Etsy site. This is because we just started it up – there are many more products coming … some of which are not available anywhere else. Good luck to those who are already following us on Facebook and those yet to sign up. And, tell your geocaching friends about the Facebook page so they can have a chance to win as well!


Human Trackable and Social Media

bigbugI’ve been working on my oversized trackable tag that I’m taking to the Midwest Geobash this Saturday. It’s made of a special plastic that looks like brushed aluminum and measures 23″ x 11.5″. I’ll be walking around like a human trackable. I’ve been looking forward to this event all year.

Facebook, Etsy, Instagram and YouTube
I also just launched my Thanks For The Hide Facebook page for people who are into geocaching. If you’re reading this … that means YOU! With this Facebook page, I will be keeping track of everyone who “Likes” the page and entering their name into monthly drawings for FREE products that I am selling on my Thanks For The Hide Etsy site. For the month of August 2015, I will draw one name per week to receive a free product. Starting in September, I’ll have monthly drawings for a free product. If you haven’t Liked the Facebook page yet, be sure to do it soon to be entered in the drawings. There is NO purchase necessary! If you have Instagram, please follow me at Thanks for the Hide and I will gladly follow you back. Instagram allows everyone the opportunity to share a moment of life with people having common interests. I really enjoy seeing photos from geocachers from all over the world, and right here in the US. If you don’t have an account, I would encourage you to open one. I’ve learned how to create specialty caches that I might not ever have found in my area. Go see what your caching friends are up to…

Whenever I get ambitious, I will shoot video while we’re out caching and then try to edit something worth watching. Here at the T4TH YouTube page, you can see some of the videos I have made. At some point, I really need to put together a blooper reel for all the screw-ups that have occurred while shooting the videos.

Pulling the plug (finally)

15c39829-2c30-4cf4-871a-32c2937f8931_zpsb90c5765I deleted all my deployed Munzees today and closed my account. Every time I would get an email from Munzee about the activity on my tags, I would laugh. Each email would tell me that have 1 capture. I had 47 deployed at the time of my account deletion. It became a joke that I wasn’t receiving any captures – then today I actually logged in to pull the plug on my account.

It’s statistics like this which caused me to lose interest real fast…
2 deployments placed over 1 year ago – 0 captures
3 deployments placed over 2 years ago – 0 captures
1 deployment placed over 3 years ago – 0 captures

I also reviewed the Munzee’s that I had captured … to date, most have not been captured in over 3 years. I am amazed by the lack of players, or perhaps they had grown tired of it as well.

I’m not here to talk bad about Munzee – it was fun for awhile, but very short lived for me. To be honest, I almost felt bad playing Munzee because Geocaching has always been the shit 🙂 and Munzee just didn’t do it for me. I’m assuming there are lots of people still into it, and that’s great for them, but I’m glad I won’t be getting that update anymore. I had removed the app from my phone well over a year ago. I just feel that if I took the time to choose great places to deploy them, it seems like it’s not worth it if no one bothers finding them. If you read back through this blog, you’ll see my dilemma with those playing the game and the nonsense that took place.

At any rate, so long Munzee … it’s been real.

Plastic Munzee Tag Manufacturing Comes to an End

I have enjoyed meeting, at least virtually meeting anyway, many Munzee players from around the world, when they have placed orders for Munzee tags that I have been manufacturing. It has been a great experience knowing that tags that I have manufactured, have been deployed from coast to coast here in the United States, as well as in other countries such as Germany, Portugal, Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand and others.

But all good things must come to an end, and the plastic Munzee tags I sell will no longer be offered through or

This website,, has and always will be, primarily a source of information and sharing with others, the great activities of Geocaching and Munzee. I have enjoyed both activities for a number of years, and this website is a way to share those experiences. As always, I welcome comments as they relate to both activities, and guest authors to share their stories as well.

As for Traditions Engraving, the product line is expanding as the business continues to grow, and the Munzee tags are a product that was decided upon to discontinue. Traditions Engraving’s focus has shifted, to provide a greater diversity of products, and that decision has been a very good one. Items in the outdoor recreation division that relate to geocaching, hiking, camping and fishing will still be available.

Should you decide on placing an order for plastic munzee tags from Traditions Engraving, you have until Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 11:59pm to place that order. Traditions Engraving is the only company that offers a variety of the plastic Munzee tags in size, shapes, or colors. But, as mentioned before … all good things must come to an end.

Once again, a huge thank you to all you munzers who have purchased our tags. We hope they have enhanced your experience with this great activity and made it easier for other players to cap your easy-to-read, durable tags.

Munzee Ohio Challenge Has Ended

I made the decision this weekend to end a challenge that I initiated with Munzee players of Ohio. A year or so ago, I thought I would offer a challenge to Ohio Munzee players to capture a special plastic tag that was created to look like the state of Ohio which had been deployed in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. Those who captured the Munzee’s would receive a personalized, engraved award or other useful tool for Munzee or Geocaching.

OCCtagSince starting the challenge, it became clear that driving from county-to-county would have to be methodical and thought out to save on gas and make the best use of time. Eighty-eight counties is a lot of ground to cover … actually 44,825 square miles of ground. Interestingly, Ohio is 220 miles wide and 220 miles in length.

The problem wasn’t so much in the deployment of the Munzee tags, but rather, the issue with the messages received from other players who could not find the tags. When you have spent a great deal of time and money in gas to hide these tags, you would hope that players would be a little more responsible in reporting a DNF (did not find). After a couple reports of a missing tag, the folks at Munzee have a way of “undeploying” your tag until it has been verified or replaced. Time after time, I drove to the location of a county deployment, only to find the tag was still in place. It only takes a few of these wasted trips to rethink the purpose of the challenge.

As I reviewed the stats today of players who found most of my county challenge, I wrote to the top three and explained the reason for the cancellation. I thought that because they made the effort to capture my tags, I wanted to thank them for participating in my game. I asked each player to provide 10 undeployed Munzee barcodes, so I can engrave free plastic tags for them and ship them out this coming week. It’s just my way of saying thanks.

It’s too bad it had to come to an end. We were really enjoying visiting parts of our state we have never seen before. We can still do that, but the urgency isn’t as great now.

So, to everyone here in Ohio that participated – thank you and I hope my Ohio county tags earned a few extra points along the way. My Ohio tags are still in place, but the challenge is no longer in effect.