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Midwest Geobash … it’s finally here!

We are VERY excited to be attending the (GC5D6DK) Midwest Geobash (MWGB) held at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio this coming weekend. We look forward to meeting other geocachers.
I recently purchased a new sling bag from Amazon for geocaching and I’m really happy with it. Previously, I was using a backpack type bag with two straps, but it just wasn’t holding up very well. It had very few compartments and pretty much jumbled all the contents around.

This is the bag I bought from Amazon. I decided to go with the tan bag rather than black or the digital camo. I’ll be adding a couple external pouches in the future using the molle strapping. Below is a photo of what I take geocaching, and even though this might seem like a lot of stuff, the main compartment of the bag is empty.

My brother and I will be attending the MWGB on Saturday and we’re hoping to hit a few caches along the way and at the event.

Here is the listing of what’s in my caching bag … is it similar to yours?

1) various sized plastic bags and also trash bags for CITO 2) pens, silver sharpie, golf pencils 3) rubberbands 4) emergency blanket 5) various sized caches ready to hide 6) screws, eye hooks, etc 7) headlamp and flashlights 8) multi-tool 9) zip ties 10) extra cache logbooks 11) screwdrivers, pliers, ratchet, vicegrips 12) Instagram tags, signature tags 13) bead necklaces (swag) 14) poison ivy cleaner 15) signature tags of wood, plastic and aluminum 16) knife, scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, electrical tape, and carabiners

slingbag contents


Neglected Blog

This blog has been neglected for quite some time. I’ve (again) let life get the best of me and keep me from enjoying this activity. About 4 months ago I started a new job and went from working 2nd shift to going back to working 1st shift. It’s been nice coming home like most people, to enjoy the evenings with my family. The other job had a lot of overtime and I wouldn’t get home until 2:00am. I was tired all the time and didn’t feel like caching, or anything else.

My caching has been sparse during these past 4 months. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and it seems like I have no time at all to do the things I want to do. It’s cold and snowy now, and caching is a little more difficult, but I’ve never really let the weather interfere with my fun.

followmeI’ve just started up on Instagram for geocaching, and I’m following more and more people every day, but the number of people following me is low. This is to be expected since I have very few photos posted online. They are unsure about someone having 2 photos on their gallery of photos. If you’re reading this and are into geocaching, feel free to following me on Instagram – thanksforthehide

I will be attending the Midwest Geobash this summer along with my brother. It will be his first caching event and he just received his order of pathtags, so he’ll be all good to go. I keep debating whether or not to make a new pathtag design.

Again, I put this out there … I welcome guest authors who want to contribute to this blog. If you have a story or geocaching tips to share, please get in touch with me – thanksforthehide @ (with no spaces).

Follow me on Instagram!!!

Caching Bro’s

It was a very cold and windy day to cache this past weekend. A mere 26°F with occasional wind gusts that cut right through to your core. I try not to let the weather interfere when geocaching … we’re definitely not fair-weather cachers. Last Sunday my brother arrived to cache with me, which is something we don’t get to do very often. He lives about an hour away and both of us have jobs that take up way too much of our lives, so it nearly takes a rare planetary alignment for us to be able to spend a few hours caching or just hanging out.

LyndeThe first cache (GC4A2Y7) I took him to was one that I had already found some time ago, but I wanted him to enjoy finding it as much as I did. As we arrived at GZ, I had him bring up the description on c:geo and read the details about the cache.

He was shocked, just as I was when I learned that the cache was within feet of the grave of comedian Paul Lynde. We grew up watching Paul Lynde on the Hollywood Squares and Bewitched. I had no idea Paul was from Ohio, let alone that he was buried here as well. He rests next to his brother and sister, and his parents grave is right next to them.

birdhouseThe day remained cold and windy, but we continued to make our way from cache to cache, until finally stopping at a local restaurant. One last stop for the day, as I took him to a cache that I had already found, but wanted him to experience. A clever hide at the end of a driveway by the cache owner, it proved to foster some thoughts of making a similar cache container that we could place sometime in the future.

Apathy Toward Geocaching
It continues to amaze me at how much people literally do not care whenever I post something on my Facebook page about geocaching or the really cool location of a cache. Any other topic or comment about my day or experience yields comments from friends and family. But let me mention geocaching, and the silence is deafening (except for the single cricket chirping in the dark recesses of the comment box.) I am not one to push things onto people … to constantly post the same topic over and over. I may post a caching comment once a month, if that. It is consistently left hanging out there and treated like a turd in the punch bowl. Noses are turned up and it is immediately dismissed. I have made offers (twice) to meet with any of my FB friends, family, or anyone to explain or teach them about geocaching, and you’d think I’d been arrested for beating puppies.

It’s hard because I want to share this cool activity, but it’s just not something that anyone seems excited about. I look at it two ways … they have no idea about the fun that geocaching brings … the locations they would never have known about, the fellow cachers you sometimes meet for the find, or the meet-n-greet events that are fun, etc. But I also think, ok … that’s one less person I have to beat to win a FTF. But seriously, I guess I should just stop worrying about it and just enjoy geocaching for what it is … one of the best activities that my immediate family (and GeoDog) can enjoy together, and leave it at that.

Maybe I’ll run into you someday looking for the same cache container. You can trust that I won’t treat you like you’re from a leper colony. Unless it’s a potential FTF … then you’re on your own!

Happy Caching!

Make it Memorable

One of the things that we try to do for other geocachers, is make their experience fun. Whether it’s placing a cool cache, or helping along their trackable. Lately, I haven’t been caching as much as I’d like to – so I’ve made more of an effort to put more stuff in cache containers as well as leave better comments when I log in my visit. I have grown tired of reading “Found it!” from other cachers, especially when it comes to a cache I own.

Using the outstanding Android app c:geo, I am able to log my visit immediately after finding it. I still find this app to be the best of the best. I use my car GPS to travel to the cache location, and then finish it off with my Droid and c:geo. I always leave a link to this blog whenever I write a log for a cache. It’s my hope that others will stop by to read (and hopefully) share their own experiences. I love hearing from other cachers, and Munzee players as well.

Yesterday, we attended the Ohio Renaissance Festival and I had a mission in mind. This would be our first time attending the festival, but I wanted to make a memorable photo for the owner of a geocoin that I had recently picked up. The geocoin originated in the Caribbean country of Belize. At the time of this writing, the coin already had close to 5,800 miles on it. While I couldn’t move it a great distance, I wanted to make my contact with the coin special.

While at the festival, I asked the Queen to hold the coin as I took the photo. She was thrilled to participate. While not true royalty, it was a memorable stop along the way for a coin that has traveled to simple Ohio.

Afterward, we found a local cache (GC1546R) at an old cemetery not far from the festival. This cemetery was part of the Zion Baptist African American church. The church no longer exists, but the cemetery remains with many of those interred here African American soldiers from the Civil War. Such interesting history and again, geocaching has taken me to yet another place I never knew existed.

With only a little over 200 found caches, I still consider myself pretty new at this sport. I have enjoyed each find and I firmly believe that it’s not about the numbers. The experiences shared participating in geocaching and munzee have been so much fun, and I’ve been to such a variety of places because of the game.

I hope the owner of the geocoin had a smile over the photos and story behind them …. while he or she might enjoy them – I would be the one offering a ‘thank you’ in return. The experience I had moving that coin will be something that will stay with me forever.

Photo Section Started

Finally got the photo section started with three full galleries of 15 photos each. Gallery number four is where new uploads will continue. This initial upload of photos are placed at random following no timeframe. From here on out, they will be added in chronological order.

Once I took the time to read the WordPress support page on the gallery option to post photos, it went along nicely. I am also pleased that the photos aren’t eating up a lot of space on the blog. WordPress will give you 3GB of space in the media library. You can always pay for additional space if you need to, but with all the images I have here, so far, I’ve only used 10.9MB of space. I’ve got a long way to go to hit 3GB. I’ll also thin out older photos over time to reduce the clutter.

One saving grace is that before I uploaded the photos, I brought each one into Photoshop and reduced the resolution from 300 to 72 or 100 depending on the camera I used to take the photo. My wife is usually the one taking photos while I’m hunting the cache. Otherwise, I am taking photos around the area after the cache has been found. This is one reason why we have such low find numbers. The sightseeing always seems to be a distraction instead of hustling off to the next cache. But we’re ok with that – as they say … it’s not about the numbers. So true.

The poison ivy I was so lucky to get on February 19th has pretty much gone away. No more itching or oozing of grossness from my hand. I seem to be very susceptible to poison ivy, oak and sumac. Perhaps wearing a hazmat suit or putting me in a bubble next time will alleviate this situation.

I took advantage of the warm weather last weekend to prepare some really nice containers with camo paint. I was really pleased with how they turned out. I also have three different types of metal ammo cans that I need to paint as well, but I’ll need some time to properly prepare them first to paint.

Looking forward to a fun weekend. I am totally buried at work right now and I’m hoping I can meet all my deadlines before the weekend. Hope the weather holds out for a great weekend. Happy caching!