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“Oy vey!”

Summer is quickly becoming a memory, and I have to admit, it has been less than spectacular for me. I have been consumed with my day job with little attention given to the things that I want to do – especially caching.

My thoughts of Geowoodstock IX were enough to get through my long and exhausting days of work. I anticipated seeing all of us nerdy cachers assembled together at one location, hopefully enjoying some conversations with those who I have met online, and drooling over the items that each vendor had brought to sell. Our plans to spend the night in a nearby New York hotel were trashed when a change in our plans occurred a week before the event. A late start Saturday morning brought us to Pennsylvania toward the latter part of the day, and I just couldn’t capture that excitemnt I had built up in my head weeks before. I let my frustrations and the heat get the best of me, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. I have committed myself to make amends and get my shit together for an outstanding Geowoodstock X next year.

As I mentioned, my work has gotten the best of me this summer. I have become so exhausted and lethargic that I honestly have little interest in anything. I have decided that I seriously need a change in my life – with autumn on the horizon and my workload lessening, I really need that physical and mental aspect of geocaching to kick in gear. The winter months make caching more difficult, but it in no way stops my desire to get outside and find those little buggers regardless of the lower temperatures or the depth of snow.

Over the past month or so, I have had the opportunity to speak with a couple guys about geocaching, and they seemed genuinely interested. I’ve found that some people respond with a glazed over look or they simply don’t understand the concept. But for the two people that I have recently spoken to about it – I think they will definitely become a caching addict like myself. Geocaching is a drug I am happy to push. Let there be more addicts!

I’m also intrigued my Munzee. I have yet to participate, but I do have an account. I see a need in this game that I plan to touch base on with my blog here, as well as making an offer to those who play the game. There’s a part of the game that is lacking, and hopefully what I suggest will open up a lot of options for the players.

It’s now time to catch up on a few blogs and see how much fun others are having – envious as I am.


GeoWoodstock IX – What a great time!

My first GeoWoodstock didn’t disappoint me. I guess in a way I was expecting something different, but I can’t complain about anything. My only real beef had nothing to do with the event itself, but rather the heat and humidity. I was a walking commercial for anti-perspirant – the sweat was rolling off me. Obviously there’s nothing you can do about that, so overall, it was a great day. I was having issues with my cellphone once we got out of the car and on the fairgrounds. I was hoping to meet P.J. from A ‘lil Hoohaa, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I was trying to contact him through Twitter, but alas, no signal.

The vendors had some nice gear and I bought a couple geocoins and geocaching containers. I wanted a GeoWoodstock IX ball cap, but they were sold out. I was told they can be ordered online, so I’ll be doing that soon. I also sat in on a couple of the podcasts going on and it was pretty cool seeing the shows that I watch online occur live in front of me. Gave me a little perspective on how things work for those who report on geocaching.

I tried shooting some video and taking a few photos, but that massive tripod I was lugging around got to be a real nuisance. The heat was making me miserable and shooting video soon became a chore. So I know when I go back and look at what I’ve shot, I’ll get pissed at myself and try to piece together something salvageable from all the crap.

We took six trackables to exchange and brought home six that belong to others. Amazing to have a trackable that has traveled over 42,000 miles. I hope mine travel just as far. My only real request is to have those that find my travel bugs to take a photo of either where it’s found , where it’s dropped or of the geocachers. I have yet had any of those options take place.

So, I understand that GeoWoodstock X will be held in Indiana. Woo Hoo!!! A quick trip across the border and it’s going to be in May of 2012. I hope the weather holds out and it’s not a Spring monsoon. I know I will definitely be attending more than just one day. I feel gipped that I only spent a few hours there today. Next year, I will be better prepared.

Travel Bugs

I’m dropping off some travel bugs at GeoWoodstock IX and I hope those who find them will visit this blog. Looking forward to an exciting day of meeting other geocachers and seeing what the day brings.

Gotta run…