Pulling the plug (finally)

15c39829-2c30-4cf4-871a-32c2937f8931_zpsb90c5765I deleted all my deployed Munzees today and closed my account. Every time I would get an email from Munzee about the activity on my tags, I would laugh. Each email would tell me that have 1 capture. I had 47 deployed at the time of my account deletion. It became a joke that I wasn’t receiving any captures – then today I actually logged in to pull the plug on my account.

It’s statistics like this which caused me to lose interest real fast…
2 deployments placed over 1 year ago – 0 captures
3 deployments placed over 2 years ago – 0 captures
1 deployment placed over 3 years ago – 0 captures

I also reviewed the Munzee’s that I had captured … to date, most have not been captured in over 3 years. I am amazed by the lack of players, or perhaps they had grown tired of it as well.

I’m not here to talk bad about Munzee – it was fun for awhile, but very short lived for me. To be honest, I almost felt bad playing Munzee because Geocaching has always been the shit 🙂 and Munzee just didn’t do it for me. I’m assuming there are lots of people still into it, and that’s great for them, but I’m glad I won’t be getting that update anymore. I had removed the app from my phone well over a year ago. I just feel that if I took the time to choose great places to deploy them, it seems like it’s not worth it if no one bothers finding them. If you read back through this blog, you’ll see my dilemma with those playing the game and the nonsense that took place.

At any rate, so long Munzee … it’s been real.


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