Munzee Ohio Challenge Has Ended

I made the decision this weekend to end a challenge that I initiated with Munzee players of Ohio. A year or so ago, I thought I would offer a challenge to Ohio Munzee players to capture a special plastic tag that was created to look like the state of Ohio which had been deployed in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. Those who captured the Munzee’s would receive a personalized, engraved award or other useful tool for Munzee or Geocaching.

OCCtagSince starting the challenge, it became clear that driving from county-to-county would have to be methodical and thought out to save on gas and make the best use of time. Eighty-eight counties is a lot of ground to cover … actually 44,825 square miles of ground. Interestingly, Ohio is 220 miles wide and 220 miles in length.

The problem wasn’t so much in the deployment of the Munzee tags, but rather, the issue with the messages received from other players who could not find the tags. When you have spent a great deal of time and money in gas to hide these tags, you would hope that players would be a little more responsible in reporting a DNF (did not find). After a couple reports of a missing tag, the folks at Munzee have a way of “undeploying” your tag until it has been verified or replaced. Time after time, I drove to the location of a county deployment, only to find the tag was still in place. It only takes a few of these wasted trips to rethink the purpose of the challenge.

As I reviewed the stats today of players who found most of my county challenge, I wrote to the top three and explained the reason for the cancellation. I thought that because they made the effort to capture my tags, I wanted to thank them for participating in my game. I asked each player to provide 10 undeployed Munzee barcodes, so I can engrave free plastic tags for them and ship them out this coming week. It’s just my way of saying thanks.

It’s too bad it had to come to an end. We were really enjoying visiting parts of our state we have never seen before. We can still do that, but the urgency isn’t as great now.

So, to everyone here in Ohio that participated – thank you and I hope my Ohio county tags earned a few extra points along the way. My Ohio tags are still in place, but the challenge is no longer in effect.


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  1. James Churchheus

    I just found one of your plastic tags in Dillon lake area cache. I thought it might be a trackable so I grabbed it. I will gladly move it on. should I keep it in licking county where I found it or does it matter?

    • You probably found one of my signature tags. They can be kept or moved around – it’s up to you. I use it mainly to draw people in to visit this blog.

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