Where Geocaching takes us…

I shot this video a couple weeks ago, merely to reinforce my statement that, for us, it’s all about the experience of geocaching, and not so much about the numbers. This isn’t to say that geocachers who enjoy racking up their number of finds is wrong – not at all. The idea of heading out for the main purpose of increasing my count isn’t out of the question – and while I have tried doing just that, inevitably, our purpose is diverted by an interesting town to explore, reading the text from old headstones at a cemetery find, or just taking in the sights of the surrounding area. Maybe it just comes down to the fact that we’re easily distracted.

The bottom line is, geocaching means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I welcome the chance to talk to other cachers, which is the main purpose of this blog. As always, I encourage your comments and enjoy hearing from others around the world about their experience with geocaching and what it means to them.

It was still pretty gray when this video was made two weeks ago, but with a few rains since and the temperature getting warmer, the trees have been budding and it’s starting to green up already here in Ohio. I’m looking forward to a great caching season – I look forward to your comments.


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  1. I love your video highlighting Ashtabula County. Thank you so much for showing what a beautiful area I live in to all the other Geo-cachers out there. I laughed when I saw you and your wife caching in my friend Caseys front yard (cache on the pulley) and then again when you spotlighted his cache at the Maritime Marine Museum at the end of your video. I am glad you enjoyed caching at our covered bridges They are some of our county’s treasures and are celebrated as such every October during our Covered Bridge Festival. If you ever cache in our area again, we would love to meet you.

    Karen1962 and Falamazar
    (Karen and Mike Garnett)

    • Karen,
      Thank you for the nice comment. I’m sure we will be up around your area again sometime. We really enjoyed our visit to Ashtabula County and now that you mentioned the Covered Bridge Festival, we’ll be thinking about caching and visiting the festival as well. A stop by Tony’s Dog House will be on the agenda as well 🙂


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