Past mistakes and new beginnings

I’ve been taking a walk down memory lane today. I decided to take a break from updating the website of my side business of laser engraving, to revisit this blog and my involvement with geocaching and munzee. I started this blog on October 15, 2010, and at that time, I had only 20 geocache finds and was having a great time with this fantastic new activity. Fast forward to February 2013 and while my number of finds is only in the low 200’s, my interest in geocaching has only grown. I still enjoy this activity nearly 3 years later.

Last Friday, I ended a nine month nightmare by leaving the worst place of employment I have ever encountered. As my daughter so succinctly put it … the “worst pregnancy ever.” During my first week at that job, I knew I had made the worst mistake of my life by accepting that position. With a terrible economy and trying to find a job in my field, it’s taken nine months to find a suitable place to work. My first day at my new position starts tomorrow. I am nervous, excited, and looking forward to working with professionals in the graphics industry, rather than incompetent drama-queens and paper pushers. I don’t feel I should have to let someone know that I am leaving to use the restroom. Ridiculous.

My ability to geocache or participate in munzee activities has been extremely limited these past nine months. Once I get acclimated to this new position, I plan to ramp up my finds and also post more here, which I really do enjoy. I have many plans for this blog that I cannot reveal right now, but my involvement will definitely increase and I can have the freedom to participate a great deal more. Spring is just around the corner and I intend on boosting my finds and more importantly, enjoying many more experiences.

Present day connections to a past life…
Through the use of Facebook, I have been catching up on the lives of friends, relatives and interest groups. Recently, I have connected with schoolmates from 30+ years ago. My experience is nothing different than what millions of people do each day. But within my experience of making contact with past friends, is the ability to slowly introducing geocaching to them. By Facebook posts and photos, I have piqued the interest of friends who wonder just what in the hell I am doing. I sometimes find it difficult to explain, because overall, the most common theme that people assume, is that it’s merely an electronic scavenger hunt. When they assume that, they are only hitting the tip of the iceberg. Once they determine that’s all there is to it, they almost immediately dismiss the activity as a waste of time, or will roll their eyes and only half listen to the explanation that follows.

I have been looking on YouTube for geocaching videos, but I really haven’t been impressed with what I have found. Some people are way over the top when it comes to their videos, and while that’s their style and way to express them self, it’s not what I have in mind in the way to inform or impress people with geocaching or munzee. I’m not putting their videos down – I only want to do it in a different way.

So, I look forward to more involvement with caching and munzee, as well as here on this blog. I encourage your comments, suggestions and stories to share on this blog … hope to hear from you!


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