Making it Memorable – Related Video

My earlier post spoke about the events surrounding the dropping of a geocoin and making that experience memorable for the owner of the coin. As I have repeatedly stated on this blog, for me, the fun with geocaching is not about racking up the number of finds. I know that some people enjoy that aspect of the game, and to those players that love that – I support your viewpoint. Regardless of how you get your enjoyment from this activity, the importance lies within the activity itself. Bottom line – it’s a whole lot of fun.

My enjoyment comes from visiting places I have never been to before, or learning about the history of the location of the cache. This is probably a big factor why I have so few finds in comparison to other players. It doesn’t happen with each find, but I do seem to linger for awhile at each location to either read the sentiments on a few gravestones at a cemetery cache, or take in the local highlights of an unfamiliar town.

With the visit to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, I was hoping for a great photo opportunity for the geocoin, but also enjoy the day and whatever it may bring. I hope you enjoy a quick video I shot of the festival. We will come back next year, and afterward, log in a few additional caches from the area.


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  1. I love going to places I’ve never been to before or thought to go to before because of geocaching. 🙂 But sometimes I do go for the numbers too…depending on the challenge.

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