Make it Memorable

One of the things that we try to do for other geocachers, is make their experience fun. Whether it’s placing a cool cache, or helping along their trackable. Lately, I haven’t been caching as much as I’d like to – so I’ve made more of an effort to put more stuff in cache containers as well as leave better comments when I log in my visit. I have grown tired of reading “Found it!” from other cachers, especially when it comes to a cache I own.

Using the outstanding Android app c:geo, I am able to log my visit immediately after finding it. I still find this app to be the best of the best. I use my car GPS to travel to the cache location, and then finish it off with my Droid and c:geo. I always leave a link to this blog whenever I write a log for a cache. It’s my hope that others will stop by to read (and hopefully) share their own experiences. I love hearing from other cachers, and Munzee players as well.

Yesterday, we attended the Ohio Renaissance Festival and I had a mission in mind. This would be our first time attending the festival, but I wanted to make a memorable photo for the owner of a geocoin that I had recently picked up. The geocoin originated in the Caribbean country of Belize. At the time of this writing, the coin already had close to 5,800 miles on it. While I couldn’t move it a great distance, I wanted to make my contact with the coin special.

While at the festival, I asked the Queen to hold the coin as I took the photo. She was thrilled to participate. While not true royalty, it was a memorable stop along the way for a coin that has traveled to simple Ohio.

Afterward, we found a local cache (GC1546R) at an old cemetery not far from the festival. This cemetery was part of the Zion Baptist African American church. The church no longer exists, but the cemetery remains with many of those interred here African American soldiers from the Civil War. Such interesting history and again, geocaching has taken me to yet another place I never knew existed.

With only a little over 200 found caches, I still consider myself pretty new at this sport. I have enjoyed each find and I firmly believe that it’s not about the numbers. The experiences shared participating in geocaching and munzee have been so much fun, and I’ve been to such a variety of places because of the game.

I hope the owner of the geocoin had a smile over the photos and story behind them …. while he or she might enjoy them – I would be the one offering a ‘thank you’ in return. The experience I had moving that coin will be something that will stay with me forever.


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