Custom Munzee Tags

One of the most common questions I am asked is whether or not I can create custom plastic Munzee tags. Given the fact that players can order Munzee tags from me in the shape of US states or international countries, people start to let their imagination run, and soon, an email is headed my way about custom tags.

The answer is YES – custom shapes are available. Recently, an order was placed for plastic Munzee tags in the shape of an owl. The first order was for 5 – soon after, another order was placed for 20 additional tags. Apparently, the owls went over well … I’m hoping she requests more. Why? First, it’s a nice change from your run-of-the-mill Munzee tag. Second, this player is part of a group, and they are known as Old Wise Ladies. I’m happy to give their Munzee deployments some personalization.

As I have created and deployed my own custom Munzee tags (see, The Moonville Tunnel), as well as countless orders for US state shaped tags – adding a little personality in your deployments is a good thing.

I’m currently working on my own Ohio County Challenge by deploying a Munzee in the shape of Ohio in each of the 88 counties. With only 18 counties completed, I still have a long way to go, but I am determined to complete this challenge. Those players who complete the challenge and capture all 88 will receive a very nice gift indeed, worthy of the time and effort in capturing those Munzees.

So, if you’re looking for custom Munzee tags that are weatherproof, UV resistant and rigid plastic – visit the link above for Munzee Tags and click on Custom Munzee Tags.


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  1. I know those owls!!! They rock! Can’t wait to do these!!! Can you make a rum bottle shape Rumgirl? 🙂

  2. I love my OWL munzees (although you were given the politically correct form of ‘W’) : ) Very nicely done. Another OWL will be ordering soon.

  3. Rumgirl, a rum bottle is easy enough to create. Send me an email with any details you may have about the custom munzee tags.

  4. and just like that, the munzee takes the place of the constantly muggled geocache.

  5. Doug - aka trybble1

    I am wondering how these hold up over time? I only ask because I know from personal experience that some of the painted metal ones have lost the ability to be scanned after just a few months in the field.

  6. Doug, thanks for asking. The tags are rigid plastic and are totally weather safe from scorching sun, freezing cold and are waterproof. The colors will not fade as the plastic is UV resistant as well.

    The plastic is an industry standard in signmaking and therefore perfect for the munzee application. The plastic cuts cleanly and engraves perfectly, even in fine detail work.

    Since there are no minimums to meet, you can order only what you need. After you receive your first order, you’ll want more. I have repeat customers from around the world. Thanks again for your inquiry

  7. Thanks for the hockey tags. GREAT construction, design. I deployed mine, and lots commented that they will hold up to the weather. Will be buying a 2nd set soon.

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