New Munzee Tags Available

As the final hours of the Pumpkin Munzee event ticks down, it is time to announce yet another new development … for those living in the United States, munzee tags are now available in the shape of your home state. Recently, I have been deploying weatherproof, UV resistant plastic munzee tags in the shape of my home state Ohio. Comments received by players finding these state tags have been very positive. As we travel to different states, I will be using these Ohio shaped munzee tags as a way to let others know that a Buckeye has been in their area and deployed a munzee. It’s my hope that I someday run across a munzee from a different state that will be easily identifiable as well.

If your job requires travel, why not leave a calling card to a fellow munzee player that tells them you’re from out of town, but would like to pass along some points. The state tags also have mounting holes in the event you choose to use zip ties or wood screws to attach the munzee in a permanent way.

What About International Tags?
Of course … this game isn’t just for US players. Plastic munzee tags have been created for international players as well. Whether you are from Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, etc., a custom cut tag will be created for you as well. Not only that, but if you provide the text, the international munzee tags will be customized even more by using your native language. No longer will you have just text in English. If you provide the translation, we can produce tags with your message.

New Pricing
The cost per state or international tag is $2.00 each, with no minimums. If you want one produced or many, they are $2.00 each. Prices have been reduced on the regular rectangle munzee tags to $2.00 for the large tag, and $1.50 for the mini munzee tag.

Now that winter is fast approaching, it’s time to move up to the tag that will not be affected by the ice and snow. As the lamination begins to degrade and break down from the elements, you can be assured that these plastic tags will remain in great shape for years to come. You should be out deploying and capturing munzee tags – not replacing tags that have outlived their usefulness.

If you’re interested in purchasing munzee tags, see the navigation link at the top of this website.


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