New Munzee Game Piece Available

Here’s an alternate method for deploying your Munzee game piece – no more printing and laminating paper Munzee’s. Plastic Munzee tags are now available for purchase here at Thanks for the Hide blog.

After reading various forums and Twitter comments concerning this awesome game, it was apparent that printing and laminating paper Munzee game pieces were limiting players on how they can deploy their Munzee’s. I found that lamination techniques varied among players and if a Munzee tag is left out in the elements, it’s sure to fade in the sun with constant UV exposure.

I decided to test a few methods of game piece (Munzee tags) creation and deployment, and these plastic tags are a great resource. Two sizes are currently available and both are created with mounting holes to allow for a variety of deployment methods.

If you’re ready to have your own Munzee tags created, visit the navigation bar at the top of this blog to place your order.

This is the information that is required when placing an order for the tag(s):

Your Munzee Username
Your next Munzee created sequence number or numbers if you want more than one tag


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  1. Something just dawned on me. When ordering Munzees do I need to create them first with the sequence numbers or can you create them for me if you have my user name and proposed sequence? That wasn’t really clear to me because Munzee jumping is new to me. I’m old, senile and don’t really have a clue.

    • Good question … only you can create the Munzee’s. I will never request or need your password to create the Munzee’s for you to make the plastic tags. You can go ahead and create your Munzee’s based on the sequence that you provided to me, but obviously you won’t have anything to deploy from that sequence until you have the plastic tag. Your tags will be manufactured this week and shipped to you. Please let me know how you like them.

  2. It’s a good idea to create these items for Munzees, but I’m not sold on the game itself yet. It’s nice to see some better pieces rather than the laminated pieces of paper. I have a couple I have released, but it’s not a game that has caught on in our area. I honestly am not seeing the true point of the game yet. I looked on the map and saw some Munzee power-type trails and can’t figure the point. Maybe in time, but for now, the game leaves me scratching my head.

    Good luck with the sales though. For people who play the game, this should be a great thing.

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