Lesson One: How to Screw Up a Good Thing

It’s a sad day for Android phone users who use the brilliant app c:geo for geocaching. The developer Carnero has decided to walk away from the app rather than deal with the wrath of Groundspeak (geocaching.com). His blog posting here outlines his thoughts and reasoning. I for one will not be renewing my premium membership on geocaching.com due to their shitty treatment and lack of support for people like Carnero who produce exceptional work like c:geo.

I have repeatedly stated that I would GLADLY pay a yearly fee for c:geo, just like I have paid for my premium membership on geocaching.com. This app is the ultimate tool for locating geocaches, logging them in and other uses like a live map. c:geo is perfection. Something that Groundspeak is clearly not familiar with .

As GeoWoodstock approaches this weekend, Groundspeak, in their infinite wisdom (or should that be infantile wisdom) will be updating their website later today, to officially drive the nail into the coffin for c:geo. Rather than work with such an expert level app for Android, they are effectively shutting many users down from using their smart phone and being able to cache freely and easily. Yes, there are other pathetic hack apps out there for geocaching, but nothing nearly as substantial or effective as c:geo.

Pocket queries are an absolute waste of time. I am sick to think of having to spend money on a GPS unit rather than using my Droid that has become so incredibly convenient and accurate. It’s just another case of an organization who is wrapped up in greed, ignorance and self-importance, feel as they have the power to dictate what they determine is right, rather than allowing individuals the option to choose how to geocache.

Sad to see such a great app go by the wayside. I look forward to the next great app for caching … but it will be extremely difficult to top c:geo.


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  1. I geocache with out a smart phone, because I don’t have one. Though, I think all the “updates” to the website kind of suck. I feel like they have rearranged stuff for the most part – and it’s not anymore user friendly. As for PQs, I use them often as well as caching along a route. …I still support Groundspeak though, its a game I love and I want it to continue. Someone new will come along and do the android app I’m sure. There’s got to be money in it somewhere – someone will want it. I wouldn’t get my panties in a bunch because ONE guy couldn’t work things out with Groundspeak.

  2. The difference between using a GPS and using this particular app on my Droid phone is like night and day. This app worked flawlessly and was written extremely well. If you’ve never used it, I can’t begin to explain how well it works. The ability to use a live map and see caches all around you, even while driving, is amazing. Pocket queries are so cumbersome and outdated in comparison to having the ability to open the app, and no matter where you are in the world, you will see the caches – no pre-loading.

    Also, the ability to drop TB and geocoins while posting to log in the find (a truly paperless system) is another great feature. When using the radar function, this app consistently took me right on top of the cache, It’s accuracy rivaled a nice GPS.

    Yes, perhaps another app will be written, but c:geo has certainly set the bar at a level no other developer has yet to compare – especially Groundspeak. When I think about the fact that I am spending money for a premium membership, shouldn’t I get something tangible from that payment? The app c:geo was FREE, yet GS can’t get their crap together to make anything remotely close to the quality or functions of a free app. Not to mention, that GS is charging $9.99 for a substandard piece of crap. Again – why am I paying for a premium membership?

    Yes, I love this activity too. So much so that I spend the money to have my own domain for this blog and lots of money on TB’s Geocoins and lots of gas to travel to the caches, as well as money spent on eating at restaurants in the different areas that geocaching takes me. But yet, some type of compromise cannot be worked out to allow a brilliant app to work in conjunction with an established online game. Seems childish – regardless of who it is that can’t get past their petty differences.

    I don’t involve myself with many other activities. It’s photography, videoography, music and geocaching. Simple pleasures in life. I just wish the “grown-ups” could stop acting like children and learn to play together.

  3. c:geo’s blog is gone now – it’s been 3 years obviously, since your posting. His app still works well though, whether he’s managing it or not.

    Remember when the membership was $2 for a lifetime? Fun ANYONE could enjoy and afford… gs has not even the courtesy to grandfather the people who had already paid – they just took the membership from us. Greed and rudeness. Sigh.

    This just opens the door for pirates though, so we’ve made use of other means to find the ‘premium’ caches that are hidden from the commoners, and leave cute pirate notes in them.

    2 middle fingers up to greedy groundspeak. x.x, but 2 thumbs up for your blog, op.

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