Enjoying Judgement Day

With all the hype of Judgement Day on May 21st, we decided what better way to end our lives than by finding a few caches. We started out with an area in mind and left the house around 10:00am. That’s probably been the earliest departure we’ve managed to attain in quite some time. On weekends, it’s really our only chance to sleep in, so we take advantage of it.

Our route took us in a direction that we’ve only recently started to explore. Since early spring, we’ve gotten to drive around and become acquainted with a few different counties of Ohio, and so far, we like what we see. Plenty of rolling hills and wide open country. Lots of farmland and small towns that dot the map here and there. There’s always something nice about visiting a small town. While they are fairly similar, each one holds its own unique attributes.

With the increased amount of rains we have been getting, it was such a nice change to go for this long drive with the sun shining and our windows down … enjoying all the sights and smells of the farms and fresh tilled fields. We passed many farms where family members or workers were busy with countless chores that have been put off until dryer weather.

This was probably one of the least productive cache finding weekends we have experienced in quite some time. All week I had been anticipating the number of caches I hoped to find – but in the nearly 8 hours we were out, I had only two finds. This wasn’t due to difficulty or any other negative factor at all. It was merely because we were having too much fun enjoying each others company, sightseeing, spending inordinate time in cemeteries and just goofing off. All my plans for a treasure trove of finds were completely thrown out the window – and the best part of it all was that it really didn’t matter to me. I was enjoying a fantastic sunny day with my wife – my best friend. Earlier this month we celebrated our 28th anniversary … twenty-eight years of an extended honeymoon. She enjoys geocaching as much as I do, and this has been a great activity for us to share.

I mentioned in a previous post about findagrave.com and our involvement with that website. Whenever we are in a cemetery, my wife will look up that particular cemetery on her phone by logging onto Find A Grave to see if there are any gravestone photo requests. We try to help out whenever we can, but sometimes the cemetery is just too large to walk the rows looking for a particular stone.

While we only found two caches, I did manage to hide two caches as well. I’m looking forward to receiving notices on both that they have been found. I’ve been thinking about a couple of interesting hides that I plan to initiate. I’ve been researching caches that people have placed that have been quite inventive and resourceful. I’d like to either duplicate those ideas or come up with my own idea for a unique cache.

Overall, it was a fun Judgement Day … and luckily we still have a few more days ahead of us. Since none of us really know when that day will come, I think its best to just enjoy the hell out of every day! Whether you’re in it for the numbers or the individual cache experience, it really doesn’t matter. Just keep on caching!


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