It’s been awhile…

I have been neglecting my blog. I have been preoccupied with work, family issues (in a good way), this ridiculous wet weather and general depression. I get real bummed this time of the year. All the rain seems to dampen my spirits in various ways. It’s during this time that I think of my mother – she passed away in April of 2003 and this time of the year always brings me down. I miss her terribly – I was close to her. And even though I visit her in my mind frequently, I long to hear her voice just one more time.

The rainy weather has really been effecting me as well. I’ve always heard that it’s rainy in Seattle or in Great Britain – I don’t know if that’s true or not, but what I do know is I would be a stark raving lunatic if I had to put up with this shit on a regular basis. Without fail, whenever we actually do have a promise of sunshine, it inevitably rains when I am getting off work, or every weekend. I have tried to just deal with it while I’m out caching, but ultimately, I get pissed off and my day is ruined.

This past weekend was the first time I have been out to geocache in weeks. Saturday was spent completing two tasks – seeking ancestors and a little caching along the way. My wife and I headed out to a cemetery that she determined was the final resting place of several members of my family. Through and, she zeroed in on my 5th generation grandfather who passed away in 1850. Amazingly, I found out by reading his gravestone that he was a Baptist Deacon. I am born and raised Catholic, so at some time in our past, we made the conversion to Catholicism.

Find A Grave
So this website, is an interesting service. I think it’s a good marriage of two similar activities, that of geocaching and helping others on find their family. This website is a great resource for those into genealogy. One of the things that my wife and I have been volunteering with, is to photograph gravestones in the various cemeteries we are caching in. Through, people seeking their ancestors will request a photo to be taken of related grave markers. As a contributor, you complete their request and upload the photo to the website. This service has been a great help to us as we trace our heritage. Since we’re already in the cemetery, it only takes a few extra minutes to take a photo of a gravestone – and those receiving the photos are very grateful.

I am constantly reading twitter posts of various geocaching individuals and related businesses. I enjoy reading them – there’s a lot of great information out there whether it’s a business selling geocoins or GPS units, or just an individual sharing their caching experiences. I am envious of my twitter friends … having the opportunity to be out there day after day, seeking and find those caches. I don’t know what it’s gonna take to bring me out of this depression. We all have the same amount of time – yet I feel as though I am so tied down with obligations, that it holds me back from doing what I want to do. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

I guess it will eventually fall into place – I just need some motivation, time and some sunshine!


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  1. I actually MISS the rain, I don’t even remember the last time it rained here. I talk to my friends back in OH and they all have the same feeling about rain as you do though. A month of no sunshine will get anyone down! but before you know it your geocaching season will be in full swing! You going to the midwest Geobash? I’m not going this year, but plan on it in the future. I’d love to plan a trip around it!

  2. I’ve looked at that Find A Grave site in the past, but never knew people put in requests for photos. Being unemployed now, this might give me something to do when I feel bogged down. The one cemetery in my town has nearly 20 requests, so I might have to see what I can do to help some people out.

    As for the depression and time, I know what you mean. It happens, unfortunately. Give it time and hopefully things will be looking up and you’ll be back at it!

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