Geocaching Near Historic Locations

While out geocaching on March 12, 2011, we ended up locating a few caches near the Harding Memorial in Marion, Ohio. Historical places like this are what makes caching enjoyable.


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Posted on April 19, 2011, in geocache, history, movie, video. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. This weekend was a very enjoyable one for geocaching and definitely full of surprises! I remember visiting the Harding Memorial when I was younger and it was good to come back and refresh my memory about its history. This is a wonderful video and truly captures the beauty of this memorial. ūüôā

  2. Where did you get so good at videography? Brother, you did an awesome job with this video. At first, I thought it was just a blurb or two. But as you went on, you really did your homework and put together an awesome post. I am very very proud of you and of what you can do. I can’t say enough of what you’ve done with this. I wish more people would take notice and give you credit for what you can do and how creative you can be. This is truly awesome.

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