Geocaching Near Historic Locations

While out geocaching on March 12, 2011, we ended up locating a few caches near the Harding Memorial in Marion, Ohio. Historical places like this are what makes caching enjoyable.


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Posted on April 19, 2011, in geocache, history, movie, video. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. This weekend was a very enjoyable one for geocaching and definitely full of surprises! I remember visiting the Harding Memorial when I was younger and it was good to come back and refresh my memory about its history. This is a wonderful video and truly captures the beauty of this memorial. 🙂

  2. Where did you get so good at videography? Brother, you did an awesome job with this video. At first, I thought it was just a blurb or two. But as you went on, you really did your homework and put together an awesome post. I am very very proud of you and of what you can do. I can’t say enough of what you’ve done with this. I wish more people would take notice and give you credit for what you can do and how creative you can be. This is truly awesome.

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