What’s in your bag?

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”. While I was never a Boy Scout, I try to be prepared, as best I can anyway. When you’re out geocaching, there are certain items you always want to keep on hand. Things like a first aid kit, trash bags for CITO, pens and/or pencils. Those items are pretty much a necessity, just to get by. But depending on the individual, one persons backpack can be totally different from someone else.

I stumbled upon a grouping of photos of various geocachers’ bag contents and I was intrigued at the similarities and differences. I thought about my own backpack and what I take to the field. I’m typically the person who throws everything in but the kitchen sink, but lately, I’ve pared back on what I consider to be the essentials. Depending on the time of year and the weather, I try to travel light. I carry around enough of my own weight – I don’t need to add to that burden.

The photo identifies the various items held within my backpack. Items not shown are garbage bags, walking stick, and extra logs for cache maintenance.

1. travel bugs, 2. electrical tape, 3. ziploc sandwich-size bags, 4. back-up GPS, 5. flower seed packets for trade items, 6. wipes and poison ivy lotion, 7. canister of drywall screws and screwdriver, 8. 2″ x 3″ ziploc bags, 9. signature tags and cards, 10. flashlight, 11. caches ready to go, 12. writing tools, 13. mini-kites for trade items, 14. disposable rain poncho, 15. first aid kit, 16. match container caches w/log, 17. magnetic key holder cache w/log, 18. tweezers, 19. bison tubes w/log, 20. point-n-shoot camera, 21. various cache trade items.

What items do you think I’ve overlooked or can do without? How does your backpack compare to mine?


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  1. I never bring extra caches to place or replace unless I read a log ahead of time on a damaged container or I know I’m going to place one while out.

    The items I take depend on what kind of caching I’m doing that day what the weather is like and time of year. I tend not to bring a TON of stuff because you need so much water out here! This is a rather old post but this is generally what I carry.

  2. I’ve been out on a few occasions where I wished I would have brought a cache container to place. So I keep a variety of small containers with me. I’ve also found that a nano will fit inside a bison tube that I have attached to my keychain.

    I can’t imagine myself living in the climate that you’re in right now. I don’t handle the heat very well or humidity. I know people seem to thrive in climate like that, but I just shut down when I get too hot.

  3. I keep swag, any trackables we have to drop, lots of spare rechargeable batteries, my beloved camera (I’d give up my gps before that), a compass, a pancho, pens, wind-up LED, first aid items, Benadryl (Ladybug and bee-stings don’t get along), spare logs, spare zip-lock bags, aspirin for me, and a small, folding tool from LL Bean.

    In the summer we carry a packable dog bowl and lots of water for the geodogs. It’s always a good idea to mark “dog water” on their bottles ;-). I crave heat and usually don’t drink when we’re on the trail, but we’ll carry water or Powerade (blue goo) for Ladybug as well.

  4. No humidity here, it makes the heat VERY tolerable! I refuse to do any caching when it is over 100 though…

  5. In the summer I keep water shoes in my bag and in the winter it’s extra socks and gloves. I find that water shoes are easier to carry then rubber boots or hip waders. Wet feet or cold hands make caching miserable. I also carry a camp towel to dry up after a water crossing or a soaker.

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