Starting to Get Spring Fever…

Last weekend, I took advantage of the brief warm spell we had and painted up several containers that I bought earlier this winter. With the temperature at nearly 60 degrees, I wanted to get a jump on a few projects. It’s been a long, hard winter and I have a bad case of spring fever. It was somewhat strange to have a 60 degree day and still have all this snow on the ground.

I bought several red, plastic first aid containers at Dick’s Sporting Goods. They were will filled with bandaids, gauze and alcohol wipes. I have seen these online selling for nearly $8.00, like here at REI – way too much for a few bandaids. I was lucky to only pay $2.99 each. Really nice hinged container with a rubber seal to keep out the moisture.

I also bought a camouflage paint kit that worked out well in preparing these containers. Once I have some additional free time, I have several metal ammo cans that I would love to paint up and hide. But for now, these will work out great. I also painted up a few waterproof match containers. These also have the rubber seal to keep out moisture.

Seems as though the transition has started with our weather. We’ve been having 40 to 50 degree days more often and it’s been raining more than snowing. Only 15 days until Spring arrives – it can’t come any sooner for me.


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  1. We had a tease here… some warm weather, some rain and a lot of the snow gone. And now, as I type this, it’s snowing like mad outside. I am so ready for the spring. I have a few hide ideas in mind as well as just wanting to go out, do some maintenance on my caches and grab some finds!

  2. What camo kit did you buy, and you did a really nice job?

    • I bought camo paint at a local sporting goods store. I shot video while I painted these containers to post here on the blog. Just haven’t had a chance to edit it yet. Will have to make time for that to share so others can try or improve on my methods. I enjoy sharing anything I can with others to help with their caching activities. Thanks for your comments.

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