Photo Section Started

Finally got the photo section started with three full galleries of 15 photos each. Gallery number four is where new uploads will continue. This initial upload of photos are placed at random following no timeframe. From here on out, they will be added in chronological order.

Once I took the time to read the WordPress support page on the gallery option to post photos, it went along nicely. I am also pleased that the photos aren’t eating up a lot of space on the blog. WordPress will give you 3GB of space in the media library. You can always pay for additional space if you need to, but with all the images I have here, so far, I’ve only used 10.9MB of space. I’ve got a long way to go to hit 3GB. I’ll also thin out older photos over time to reduce the clutter.

One saving grace is that before I uploaded the photos, I brought each one into Photoshop and reduced the resolution from 300 to 72 or 100 depending on the camera I used to take the photo. My wife is usually the one taking photos while I’m hunting the cache. Otherwise, I am taking photos around the area after the cache has been found. This is one reason why we have such low find numbers. The sightseeing always seems to be a distraction instead of hustling off to the next cache. But we’re ok with that – as they say … it’s not about the numbers. So true.

The poison ivy I was so lucky to get on February 19th has pretty much gone away. No more itching or oozing of grossness from my hand. I seem to be very susceptible to poison ivy, oak and sumac. Perhaps wearing a hazmat suit or putting me in a bubble next time will alleviate this situation.

I took advantage of the warm weather last weekend to prepare some really nice containers with camo paint. I was really pleased with how they turned out. I also have three different types of metal ammo cans that I need to paint as well, but I’ll need some time to properly prepare them first to paint.

Looking forward to a fun weekend. I am totally buried at work right now and I’m hoping I can meet all my deadlines before the weekend. Hope the weather holds out for a great weekend. Happy caching!


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  1. The photo section is an interesting touch to everything here. I usually link to Flickr photos, but pretty cool you can have them on the blog. Well done.

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