A New Look

After moving from Blogger (Thanks for the Cache), I relocated to WordPress and this new blog. The first theme I chose here was quite dark and difficult to read. It was in need of a makeover, so now with a clean design and new theme. I can focus on (hopefully) making this a geocaching blog worth visiting. It’s my hope that others can stop by and share their comments and experiences with geocaching.

Due to the additional snow we received today, my employer closed down which has provided me with a three day weekend. It’s too bad there’s about 4 to 5 inches of new snow on the ground or I’d be out there adding finds. But, there’s still two days left and the temperature is rising!

I have been busy preparing containers to place new caches over the next couple weeks. I bought some camo paint at the local sporting goods store and have had amazing success with some small containers. I have tried using camouflage duck tape, but it just never seems to stay on very well. I have several metal ammo cans of different sizes that I plan to paint as well. The local military surplus store has some good deals on ammo cans of varying sizes.

Time to add photos to the blog now that I’ve figured out the gallery option.



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  1. This is a sharp look. Good choice of a theme. I’ve become a bit of a fair-weather cacher, so I don’t really battle the elements too much. Hopefully spring will be coming soon. We can home anyway, right? Have fun with those hides, too!

  2. Stumbled on your Blog through twitter. ( hash tag search #geocache) Love the site! Very clean and professional. I look forwarded to following you and what you have to say. Feel free to visit mine, but mine is not updated nearly as often ( if ever ) and is basically a bunch of widgets lol. Anyways Keep on Cachin!!!

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