Change is Good!

Despite the cold weather today, complete with freezing rain and fluffy snow, it was a great day for caching with my brother. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together as he lives nearly a couple hours away. I have introduced him to geocaching, and while he enjoys this activity, he’s not as obsessed with it as I am.

We only had four finds today… but today wasn’t about the numbers. Any time I have the opportunity to spend with my brother, I take advantage of it. So, for the few hours we had today, it was filled with lots of laughs, good food, and of course – braving the cold for buried caches.

FTF Notice
This morning, I received notice that my geocache had been found at 11:30am. This geocache is the first one I have put out. My main goal behind this one was to see how the whole process works. Now that I know, I can begin putting more out there, and much larger containers. I used a bison tube for this first one. And while it was easy enough to hide, getting to GZ was a bit of a challenge. A very steep walk to the cache will definitely put some color in the cheeks of those who want a work out. I hope it is enjoyed by all who find it.

New Blog, New Location.
This WordPress blog is a new direction for me. At the time of this posting, I am not finished with it, nor do I feel as though I ever will be. My previous blog was at Blogger, which I found was simple enough to update and such, but had clear limitations. This WordPress blog has more possibilities and I was also able to purchase the domain at only $17 per year. Can’t beat that! I still have lots to do here including adding photos and additional links – it will all come in time.

Each time I visit a cache, I leave a signature tag behind that points others to this blog. I hope others will visit or subscribe and share their caching experiences with everyone who reads this blog. I’ve also changed my geocache name from KayakJim, to T4TH which coincides with this blog. Soon to follow here will be links, photos, and perhaps a weekly (or bi-weekly) video. While this blog is primarily about geocaching, I may write about other items that interest me from time to time.

PLEASE feel free to comment on anything you read or see here.


Can you believe finding a NANO on this beast!
Miller Observatory at the top of the hill.
Snowy and cold, but awesome scenery.

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  1. Train caches are always hard! I’ve found 3 I think,and just had a DNF on one the other day!

  2. I like the look of it. Nice and simple, which I think really makes for a good blog. I look forward to watching the site grow!

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