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A New Look

After moving from Blogger (Thanks for the Cache), I relocated to WordPress and this new blog. The first theme I chose here was quite dark and difficult to read. It was in need of a makeover, so now with a clean design and new theme. I can focus on (hopefully) making this a geocaching blog worth visiting. It’s my hope that others can stop by and share their comments and experiences with geocaching.

Due to the additional snow we received today, my employer closed down which has provided me with a three day weekend. It’s too bad there’s about 4 to 5 inches of new snow on the ground or I’d be out there adding finds. But, there’s still two days left and the temperature is rising!

I have been busy preparing containers to place new caches over the next couple weeks. I bought some camo paint at the local sporting goods store and have had amazing success with some small containers. I have tried using camouflage duck tape, but it just never seems to stay on very well. I have several metal ammo cans of different sizes that I plan to paint as well. The local military surplus store has some good deals on ammo cans of varying sizes.

Time to add photos to the blog now that I’ve figured out the gallery option.



I feel a rant coming on…

Had a great time geocaching last weekend. We got a late start (as usual), but still managed to find 10 caches, 1 DNF, 1 muggled cache, picked up 2 TB’s and dropped off 2 TB’s of our own. My biggest gripe with myself is poor planning. I had a general idea where I wanted to go, but I didn’t stick to any kind of plan or specific geographic location. We drove from one side of this county to the other, back and forth. Totally stupid and a waste of time – and I only have myself to blame. Overall, we drove about 115 miles from the time we left until we pulled back in our driveway. While it is a very rural area, sadly, that averages out to 1 cache per every 10 miles of driving – terrible time management. This will change drastically next time out.

Feeling the need to rant about a few things, so here goes…

Cemetery Vandals
One thing that bothers me when I am geocaching, and that is seeing gravestones that have been pushed over by some ignorant coward who must feel a sense of power by ruining a grave site. I was furious at one of the cemeteries we stopped at … seeing stone after stone knocked over. I would love to wait in a cemetery some night and be there when these pathetic losers decide to topple the stones. I know the right thing to do would be to call the police. But in my heart, I know they would receive a slap on the wrist from the law and it would not convince them never to do it again. I would rather take care of them myself with a baseball bat across their knees. Pretty extreme measures I know, but still a great deterrent. How someone can desecrate the grave and take away the final remembrance of a loved one is beyond me. I think rearranging a few kneecaps would do wonders.

I’m wondering if geocachers might band together in their respective areas to donate the cost of having the markers corrected? As many of us have taken the time to visit their final resting place, I think it’s the least we could do for allowing us to utilize their grounds to hide a cache.

Geocaching Hints
I’ve talked with others about this topic, and I still have no clear understanding why some who hide a cache will use the “hint” portion of their description to literally provide the exact location of the cache. This past weekend was no exception, as 3 of the 10 we found provided the location of the cache. I believe the word “hint” is not interchangeable with “exact location.”

You may think, “don’t look at the hint if it bothers you that much.” And to you, I say “thuuuuppp” (insert raspberry sound here). Sometimes when I am pressed for time or might be stumped by a difficult find, I will look at the hint. But I don’t expect to be given the actual answer.

One of the fun parts of finding a cache is seeing what’s inside. Normally, I never take anything from the cache. I enjoy placing items in the cache, especially if the cache indicates that it’s kid friendly in the attributes. Last October, we found Junk in the Trunk (GC14JHF) and was blown away at the sheer size of the cache container (approx. a 30 gallon container) and the amount of swag enclosed. I can only imagine how many children have literally been swayed by seeing the lid pulled off that plastic tub … you’d think that Santa had arrived.

We have been stocking up on nice swag to put in caches – new items that are affordable and fun. My wife found little electronic games at the local Dollar General that were … wait for it … only a dollar! For $5.00, you’ve made 5 kids happy! This past weekend while caching, I found items like a bottle cap, a dirty used comb, rocks, string, and a hair scrunchie with hair all through it. Seriously, who are these people? If you don’t have anything to put inside, that’s quite ok – but don’t put gross (read ‘hairy’) objects in the cache!

Photo Section
I have yet to complete my photo section on this blog. I don’t know if I am all that happy with the theme that I have chosen for the blog and may end up changing the entire look with a new theme. I thought about just providing a link on the photos section to a Flickr account, but it’s not what I envisioned for the blog. I’ll have to work on this section this week and ultimately find a solution. I hate having dead menu tabs that say “coming soon” all the time.

Well, I feel a little better getting this off my chest. Maybe I can sleep better tonight, who knows. I’m really looking forward to warmer weather and getting some serious caching done this season. Longer daylight and warmer temperatures are always a blessing. I hope you’re getting out to cache and enjoying the activity as much as I do. My finds may not be numerous, but the time I spend with my family in this activity is truly priceless. Happy Caching!

Everyone Is Doing It!

Chances are, someone you know is doing it right now. I know that if I weren’t watching this clip, I’d be doing it – all day long! This still makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Travel Bug Race

Travel Bug’s all ready to join the race!

I’ve entered three Travel Bug’s into a year long race that originates from New Hampshire on March 20, 2011. This is my first TB Race and I’m excited to see the progress throughout the coming year.

Each tag associated with the TB has a letter that corresponds to the first initial of our children. So, not only will I be watching my own race against other cachers, I’m sure my three kids will be having some sibling rivalry during the race as well.

There is a tab above in the menu to track the progress of my three travel bugs. I bought quite a few travel bugs recently. I have an idea where I’d like to send a couple – but as for goals, have you ever heard of any interesting TB goals or destinations? I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Change is Good!

Despite the cold weather today, complete with freezing rain and fluffy snow, it was a great day for caching with my brother. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together as he lives nearly a couple hours away. I have introduced him to geocaching, and while he enjoys this activity, he’s not as obsessed with it as I am.

We only had four finds today… but today wasn’t about the numbers. Any time I have the opportunity to spend with my brother, I take advantage of it. So, for the few hours we had today, it was filled with lots of laughs, good food, and of course – braving the cold for buried caches.

FTF Notice
This morning, I received notice that my geocache had been found at 11:30am. This geocache is the first one I have put out. My main goal behind this one was to see how the whole process works. Now that I know, I can begin putting more out there, and much larger containers. I used a bison tube for this first one. And while it was easy enough to hide, getting to GZ was a bit of a challenge. A very steep walk to the cache will definitely put some color in the cheeks of those who want a work out. I hope it is enjoyed by all who find it.

New Blog, New Location.
This WordPress blog is a new direction for me. At the time of this posting, I am not finished with it, nor do I feel as though I ever will be. My previous blog was at Blogger, which I found was simple enough to update and such, but had clear limitations. This WordPress blog has more possibilities and I was also able to purchase the domain at only $17 per year. Can’t beat that! I still have lots to do here including adding photos and additional links – it will all come in time.

Each time I visit a cache, I leave a signature tag behind that points others to this blog. I hope others will visit or subscribe and share their caching experiences with everyone who reads this blog. I’ve also changed my geocache name from KayakJim, to T4TH which coincides with this blog. Soon to follow here will be links, photos, and perhaps a weekly (or bi-weekly) video. While this blog is primarily about geocaching, I may write about other items that interest me from time to time.

PLEASE feel free to comment on anything you read or see here.


Can you believe finding a NANO on this beast!
Miller Observatory at the top of the hill.
Snowy and cold, but awesome scenery.