If you haven’t seen the movie Splinterheads, I highly recommend it. Is it worthy of an Academy Award … no, but it is a indie/romantic comedy that happens to touch on the subject of geocaching during the movie. Note, this movie is not about geocaching, but it is an element of the movie. It’s one of those movies that you kind of get sucked into watching when you have an afternoon or evening to kill. As a comedy, it’s not one that will leave you breathless from laughing, but it is humorous and entertaining – a sleeper comedy.After finding the geocache

Justin and Galaxy meet for the first time.

I found the clip on YouTube while looking up videos about geocaching. The trailer intrigued me enough to add it to my queue on Netflix and I’m glad I did. The cast includes relative newcomer Thomas Middleditch, who plays the lead in Splinterheads as Justin Frost. Justin has no real purpose or drive in life and when a carnival comes to town, he meets hottie Galaxy (played by Rachael Taylor), and his life is changed forever. Taylor has appeared in a number of films including Transformers (yes, there was another female in that movie other than Megan Fox). Other well known actors rounding out the cast are Lea Thompson (Marty McFly’s mother in Back to the Future), Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore) and Dean Winters (Dennis Duffy – Tina Fey’s boyfriend on 30 Rock).

Here’s the trailer for the film. If you do have Netflix, add it to your queue. On these cold winter nights, it’s far better than watching reruns.



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