Thanksgiving Weekend

It was a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. First and foremost, our family was whole again as the kids came home for the holiday. Seems as if this is becoming a rarity anymore – to have a house full of noise and laughter. I miss it terribly, but life brings change.

As for geocaching – a few firsts for me. I was lucky enough to log in a FTF. I took Wednesday off work and I received an email notice on my phone about 5:30am that a new cache had been published. I made my way to the location at first light and spent an hour looking for this cache. It’s in a heavily populated Amish area and I was about 30 yards from the road in a terribly overgrown cemetery that hadn’t been taken care of in many, many decades. As the Amish either walked or traveled by in their horse and buggy, I was searching around holding my GPS. I’m sure they had no clue what this crazy guy was doing in the woods.

After an hour, I gave up and returned home. I was disheartened that I could not find the cache. I knew someone else would take that FTF honor. After talking with my wife about it, she knew how important it was to me and we returned two days later with our oldest daughter and again, searched the area. Just as we were ready to call it quits, I had a feeling about an area that was about 25 yards away from, GZ as indicated by the GPS. Sure enough, that feeling paid off – I found it. I was amazed at how far off the find was from the coordinates.

Later in the day, I was also able to obtain a Geocoin and Travel Bug in another cache (thanks to my oldest daughter who found the cache). These two items are a first for me as well. The Geocoin originated from GC29A50 in Oregon and the TB originated from GC12QCT across the pond in the UK. I’ll be moving both along very soon. It’s a thrill to find your first GC or TB. Makes me want to send off a few of my own.

The extended holiday weekend was something we all needed as a family. Any chance we are all together, it’s always a good time. I would have loved to spend more time out looking for caches, but they will always be there – my family will always come first … they are everything to me.




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