Trying to cache up…

I’ve been out geocaching these past two weekends, but didn’t have time to post last weekend, so I’m doing double duty to recap. The weekend of the 13th, I took my brother out to let him experience the thrill of finding a few caches. We had other plans that day besides geocaching, so the purpose wasn’t to find a huge number, but more to spend some time together, visit with my daughter who lives in the area, and to visit the grave our mother. It’s been 7 years since my mother passed away, and it’s still hard to deal with at times.

The first cache we came to is a park that I pass rather frequently, however, I never knew there was a cache there. After figuring out the location, my brother was the one who found it – and it was a nano. He was amazed at the size of the nano. Next cache on the list was further down the road, and with a few muggles in the area, we casually made our way over to it’s location. Bingo, he finds the second one! Ok, two to zero and while I’m happy for him, I start to wonder if I’ll ever find any. I could tell he was getting more excited and his mind was racing about the possibility of hiding a geocache. I explained there are a few guidelines to follow, and when that time comes, we can put one out together. While he was enjoying finding the caches, I was probably having more fun watching his determination during the hunt.

We’re both hungry by now and we meet up with my daughter and head out for lunch. After a nice lunch, we look for our third geocache. The tree canopy had the GPS all over the place and the muggles were everywhere. I was the lucky person to find this one. We set out for another, however, it elluded us and the three of us were tired and it was getting late, so we called it a day.

It was really cool seeing my brother get all fired up about geocaching. Once you get involved, you really start getting into it. He has since been asking questions regarding a new GPS and wondering if I can make him some signature items so he can start leaving them behind.

Geocaching the North Coast
This past weekend, we wanted to do something different – at this early stage of being a new geocacher, I’ve already grown a little bored with the countless cemetery caches. I was wanting something different. After scanning the map of Ohio, we decided upon a couple really cool caches off of Lake Erie. I had my wife shoot video for this trip, and while some of it was good, we really couldn’t get into filming everything I wanted to get. We had an issue with some creeper/stalker who followed us from cache to cache. He wasn’t into geocaching – as he followed us to areas that did not have a cache near us. To make a long story short – I turned the tables on him and ended up following him. I made sure he knew I took down his license tag. The stalking ended at that point.

Smiley Span
So, what was to be a really fun day, turned out to be more drama and missed caches. We did score the two that I wanted and we were very pleased with the way those turned out (GC21FTX and GC21FJE). In my haste to avoid creepy-guy, I overlooked the other two that were close by … we’ll have to get those another day.
Marblehead Lighthouse, Lake Erie
We did stop by Marblehead Lighthouse. Not as large as those we’ve been to in Massachusetts, but very beautiful. Can’t wait to return and hopefully add more smileys in the future.


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