Late night thoughts…

Pocket Queries
I’ve read about pocket queries and how you can download a huge amount of .gpx data, then transfer over to your GPS. Currently, I am putting in each geocache one at a time in locations I think we will be heading. This is not only time consuming, but boring as hell. I allow to write to the device, so it’s not like I’m manually inputting latitude and longitude coordinates onto the GPS.

I thought I’d give the pocket query a try, so after I set up a pocket query online, the next day I received a notice that it was ready to download. I received the zipped file and then found that it held two files … a single .gpx file that was 1MB in size and another smaller file that was a wpts.gpx file. I copied those files into the folder that held all my current, manually input .gpx files. After turning on the GPS, no additional caches were present. Very disappointing – so I visited the forums at for guidance. Where else would you go for expert advice? After posting my question online, it didn’t take long for a knowledgeable member to inform me that my GPS is not considered “geocache friendly”. I’ve always known that my Garmin Nuvi 255W is primarily used for travel and not geocaching. I think I’ve exploited this GPS as much as I can – and will continue to do so until I can scrape up enough money to buy a GPS that works great in the field for geocaching.

New GPS? (someday)
I’ve been reading up on the various Garmin models, and I think I’d like to own the Garmin Oregon 450. It will take some time before I will be able to afford this device. (I’m thinking of ways to make a little cash on the side … time to unload some stuff on ebay!) I do have a Magellan Meridian Gold that I bought off my brother, but I haven’t used it in the field yet. Might have to give it a shot soon. The only real problem I have found with the Meridian is you have to physically input the long/lat coordinates in for each cache- and it is painstakingly s-l-o-w. The cable that runs from the GPS to the ‘puter actually hooks up to the back of the computer and I need to download a driver from Magellan to allow them to communicate. Of course, if this saves me several hundred dollars on buying a new unit – I’m all for it. Then again, I know there is an app for my Droid X that is supposed to work well. Argh! Decisions, decisions!

Signature Items (trackables)
Being new to this, I’m wondering if you are able to create your own items to place in the cache with a number that is trackable? I know a little about the travel bugs and geocoins from reading about them on various blogs, but will allow you to create your own item with your own numbering system and set it free to be tracked through I’ve visited Signature Item Tracking Site and seen the various items that individuals have made, but apparently, this website is no longer maintained. I’ve tried to contact the owner, but have not received a reply. I have a multitude of ideas for signature items but I’m not sure what’s the best process to get them out there. I’d welcome any comments about this topic.


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