More than we bargained for…

About 2 weeks ago, our daughter was home for the weekend from college. My wife and I planned to geocache that Saturday, and we were happy that our daughter decided to join us.

We had a few lined up for that day, and one of them was “Gotcha Covered” (GC1VX05), which is one of the longest covered bridges in Ohio (the longest is actually up north in Ashtabula County). After successfully finding the cache and leisurely walking back to the car, we were halfway across this bridge and was looking off down the river. About 100 yards away I noticed a young man fishing. As I was turning around, something white caught my eye in the brush about 50 yards away. I looked again and found that it was a middle-aged woman squatting near the river bank. While she was out of sight from the fisherman, she was in full view of those of us walking on the bridge. Her car was parked about 25 to 30 feet off the side of the road and apparently, she could hold it no longer.

My daughter and wife wondered what I was snickering about and came over to see just as she was finishing her business. I had a point and shoot camera with me, and I did just that … pointed and shot just over the rail so as not to be seen. It was one of the funniest things we experienced and had such a hard time keeping our laughing under control. This poor woman obviously felt she was in dire straits and resorted to taking care of business (so to speak). It would have been devastating had we laughed out loud at her predicament.

The crazy thing with this whole story was, there are outdoor toilets not more than 50 yards in the other direction from her, had she just driven a tad bit more.

I guess in a way, it’s like geocaching … out in the field, I’m dead certain that I’m right on top of that cache. Yet, had I taken a little more time and not been so intent on being sure that it’s “right here”, I would probably have found more of them a lot quicker.


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