Four out of five isn’t bad…

It seems as though every time we plan to geocache, we are determined to get organized the night before so we can leave early. Inevitably, one, two, or a series of events that night or in the morning prevent us from doing so, and we head out the door between 10am to Noon. Saturday was no exception.

Apparently Mary had heard enough about Lydia and decided to be buried elsewhere.


Our intention was to hit a couple sites on our way to a local festival. Then after spending the day there, hit a few more on the way back home. We stopped at a cemetery for our first find. My wife had the pleasure of finding it before I did. That made me happy – she isn’t as adventurous or willing to try a more physically demanding find, so whenever she finds one before I do, it always makes me happy.

On to the festival, with delicious food, music, people watching, a couple purchases, and on to the caches on our list. We were kinda tired after all that walking and activity, so our energy level wasn’t as high as before.

The next find was at a canal lock. These locks were built between 1827-30 and allowed for the travel of canal boats to cities across the state for transportation and hauling of produce and other goods. The lock at which this geocache is located has long since stopped being used, and is now a park that remains to educate visitors about this important milestone in Ohio history. There are canals that are still in operation in the area where canal boats are pulled by horse along the bank, but these are used for tourists.

My GPS had me right on top of this cache around the lock, but it was my wife who pointed it out to me. I sometimes complicate the search instead of thinking through the cache description, which results in frustration on my part.

The third cache proved to be too hard for us to locate, so we moved on. The fourth was my first nano geocache and I was happy to find it. Good thing we brought tweezers with us. The final cache of the day brought us to another old cemetery. The tree cover caused some GPS issues, but I worked those out and finally found it.

At the end of the day, we were tired, yet had such a great time together. And that is what this is all about … spending time together and enjoying being outside. After 27 years of marriage, we still truly enjoy doing many things together. Each week, we count down the days until we get to head back out and do it all over again. Hope you had a successful hunt as well.


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