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We’ve become addicted to geocaching. Plain and simple, it’s a great way to spend time outdoors together during every season, in pretty much any type of weather. I started this blog to share our experiences with anyone who cares to read. This first posting is rather rushed and thrown together as we are planning to go out tomorrow and find new caches.

Earlier today, I had laser engraved anodized aluminum dogtags with my name “kayakjim” and the URL to this blog. I’d like to leave something behind to others, that might inspire them to either visit my blog, or start one of their own. We all share similar experiences in this hobby or sport (would you call this a sport?), but as my wife and I have commented before, it’s not so much about actually finding the geocache itself … but rather the time spent together and the journey before and after the find.

Whenever we are visitors to a cache site at a cemetery, we inevitably spend far more time wandering around reading the grave stones after the find. It’s not a morbid fascination with the dead. We’re not into the goth lifestyle, or vampires (seems everyone is into this romantic vampire crap – WTH?) or anything like that.

It’s interesting trying to figure out the history of some of the people buried in these, mostly out of the way cemeteries. We’ve seen soldiers graves who have fought with George Washington; poor little newborn twins who didn’t live more than a few days back in the 1800’s; sons who share a grave stone with their mother … it goes on and on. And these individuals all have stories to tell – even now after their gone.

One thing that infuriates me is seeing how vandals have toppled grave stones. A total lack of respect and sheer ignorance for those who find it amusing or an immature feat of strength to push over the final remembrance of somebody’s mother or grandfather. To destroy the final resting place of a child is totally disgusting. The one thing these people have left in the world is a stone to say they were here – and some idiot takes that away from them.

I’m hoping we won’t run into any of that tomorrow. I’m hoping to have some interesting photos to share, and perhaps video as well. I welcome any comments from people already into geocaching, or those wondering what its all about. I’m not an expert by any means – I’m a newbie to this with less than 20 found. There are a lot of blogs of people who have an amazing amount of information and experience in this sport. I’ll be sharing links to their sites in upcoming postings.


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